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Whether you are looking for just an overnight stay either side of an outgoing or incoming journey from Gatwick Airport, or you are planning on a longer stay in the area, choosing the right hotel to suit your requirements can become one of the hardest and most stressful parts of the trip. The area around Gatwick Airport is very well supplied with hotels, from the budget chains to the top end hotels which offer full leisure facilities and all the extras you would expect of high quality hotels. The majority in the area feeding the airport are 2 – 4 star rated.

Being able to easily compare available hotels near Gatwick Airport is essential. Depending on which of the airport terminals you are travelling to/from can also affect your choice of accommodation. Some hotels near Gatwick Airport are better placed for your needs depending on whether the terminal you are using is the North or the South. Some offer holiday parking and transfer by shuttle to or from the airport. It is a competitive market, and to find a good deal and compare prices and facilities each hotel has on offer in one place takes away some of the pressures for the traveller, particularly if you are travelling at short notice, with young children or are not familiar with the Gatwick area.

When choosing a hotel near Gatwick Airport, consider not only the terminal you are using, but the time of your flight if you prefer to choose a hotel offering a shuttle service. Some Gatwick hotels offer a 24 hour transfer service whereas others offer the service from early morning to late evening. Some transfers are included in the price, others have a small charge. Some hotels offer free parking for up to eight or fifteen days whereas others offer a discounted rate cheaper than using Gatwick Airport’s own car park. These are all things to bear in mind on top of your hotel budget and in particular if you are unfamiliar with the area. The length of time the transfer to the airport takes is a crucial factor to take into account too if you want to start your holiday stress free!

By using comparison websites such as this, you can easily compare the facilities, availability and prices of hotels near Gatwick Airport, book your accommodation and even pre-book your parking and transfer to the airport and then you can get on with the important task of looking forward to your well earned holiday. The choice is wide and varied – from busy and bustling hotels in very close proximity to the airport, to smaller, quieter country house hotels.
Cost of accommodation and ‘park and fly’ packages can vary a great deal, but by using a comparison site to find exactly what you need, the hard work is taken away from you. With the large choice of hotels near Gatwick Airport, we aim to make life just that little bit easier for the traveller.

You may also want to consider a slightly longer stay and arrive a day or two earlier. The south east of England has a vast number of tourist attractions and with its comparatively close proximity to both the south coast and London, spending a little extra time before your ongoing journey will assure you are already relaxed before your holiday begins. We have suggestions on the top places to visit that are all within easy travelling distance of Gatwick Airport and hotels near Gatwick.
Using a hotel near Gatwick as a base for a longer holiday is a perfect choice. The hotels are not just for those using Gatwick Airport. The area makes a perfect starting point to explore both London and the south east of England.

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